Joe Higham's Reportage: Blog en-us (C) Joe Higham's Reportage [email protected] (Joe Higham's Reportage) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT Joe Higham's Reportage: Blog 120 80 Saffron Walden County High - Commissions JHR for Variety & Dance photography Happy to report that JHR is now fully cleared and commissioned for providing formal photography at SWCHS / Saffron Hall events!

2015-03-20 - SWCHS Oliver Hi-9424Oliver 2015The standard to which all SWCHS shows will be measured!

Thanks to the staff at SWCHS for sponsoring me and obtaining the necessary clearances.

This now means parents will finally now be able to purchase high-quality, informal photographs of the events their children are in. Further, the school will be using my photos for display walls within the school.  I hope they'll be well-received!


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Walden Tri's action photos are now live! It's been a fabulous week, culminating in the release of Walden Tri's action photographs of Sunday's Sprint Triathlon...

What astounded me was the sheer diversity of competitors, young, old, large and small... a true testament to just "getting out there" no matter of your ability.  Quite inspirational, and... amazing fun too!

I hope you enjoy the photos :)

2015-05-10 - WTri 2015-21592015-05-10 - WTri 2015-2159 2015-05-10 - WTri 2015-25592015-05-10 - WTri 2015-2559

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Selling site is now live ! Well... Welcome to the new electronic world of online purchasing!  It's probably taken me ooo, about two decades to convince myself that what I do is really worth buying!

Thank you to everyone who has said "you really need to sell your work, Joe".  It finally paid off.

Any feedback on pricing and presentation is, of course, very welcome. In the meantime - please let me know if there are any events you'd like me to show here.


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